Year 6 Induction

Year 6 Induction


I wanted to reassure both students and parents/carers joining the Stanway School in September, that we will do all we can to ensure the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is smooth and the students feel welcomed and supported at our school as they would do in any other year.

We will be working on a staggered start to September, so the new Year 7 students will have the first day back in September without the whole school in. This will ensure they have an opportunity to begin to get familiar with the school site and the teachers before the rest of the school returns on the following day.

We are working extremely closely with your Year 6 Teachers at the Primary Schools to get to know as much as we can about you before you start with us.


New Intake Information Updated 8.7.2020

Please find below a Presentation for Families Joining The Stanway School in September 2020. Along with a message from Mr Bland Headteacher of The Stanway School.

A message from Mr Bland

Below is a message to all Year 6 pupils starting their journey with us at The Stanway School from the Headteacher, Mr Bland

To send your questions to Mr Bland please click here.

Looking Forward to Year 7

To download a pdf version of Looking Forward to Year 7 click here

Please see below a copy of the presentation the students would normally be shown during the school visit.

School Uniform

More detailed information regarding The Stanway School uniform can be found under the Parent Tab and Uniform on the school Website.

We have created a detailed guidance sheet to aid you in purchasing the school uniform with confidence; a copy can be downloaded here.

Anglia Sports and Schoolwear are the uniform providers for The Stanway School. It is advised, due to the current circumstances that uniform is purchased via the online shop in the link provided above.

All services with Anglia Schoolwear are still running, but with a reduced staff so there may be a slight delay in delivery time.

For consideration when purchasing:

  • All garments have different measurements so please follow the size guide and measurements attached to the specific garment.
  • When purchasing a Blazer please allow room for growth, it is important to check the arm length of the blazer in line with the size chart.
  • The School Trouser is a Mid Grey, which is a lighter grey as opposed to a Charcoal Grey which is darker.
  • Orders above £50 receive free P&P
  • Please do not leave orders to the last minute due to reduced staff at Anglia Schoolwear. You can order it from now.
  • The company is only in Clacton so you can return and collect your orders in person if you would like to.

Summer Project

This year we are asking you to complete a transition project which will give us a chance to learn more about you and will give you an introduction to the Stanway Standard and The Stanway Experience.

This can be downloaded below and completed on paper, or downloaded and completed electronically ready for The Start of School in September.

To download as a PowerPoint Presentation to complete electronically

To download as a PDF to complete on paper

The Stanway Experience

The Stanway Experience is a programme where you are acknowledged and awarded for the amazing things you do over the five years that you are at The Stanway School.

Read the booklet and presentation below to see how you can make the most of your time at The Stanway School.

Video Introduction to your Head and Assistant Head of Year

Introduction to your Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year coming soon.

Education Business Awards
Covid-19 Update

Department for Education guidance for siblings and isolation

If a Stanway student has a sibling at another school with a positive case, but that sibling does NOT have symptoms, the Stanway student does NOT need to isolate.

If a Stanway student has a sibling at another school with a positive case and that sibling DOES have symptoms, the Stanway student MUST isolate.